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The captivating town of Sopron has an eventful history that its residents are much proud of. That is to say, through its long history Sopron has managed to resist the ravages of many conquerors, rulers, and invaders. But there’s another historic event for which this city is famous in Hungary. It is referred to the Trianon referendum in 1921 when citizens had to decide whether the city would to be part of Hungary or Austria, and 65% of the citizens voted to keep Sopron in Hungary, hence earning the nick name “the most faithful city”. As for the tourist attractions, the city is full of monuments and historic buildings that are largely intact. The symbol of the city is the Firewatch Tower that has almost two millennia of history incorporated in it - tower’s base is built on the old Roman wall, the lower half of the tower dates back to the 12th century and features a medieval appearance and finally on the upper part is a Baroque balcony. The tower houses a visitor center with informative panels about the Sopron’s history and some fascinating old paintings and photos.

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