1. General

1.1 The protection of your privacy when using our website is of utmost importance to us.
For the protection of personal data on this website, the trade company EDT EUROPE Limited Liability Company, Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb, PIN: 82374605945 is responsible for the processing of personal data.

1.2 Your personal information is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) and the Implementation Act of the General Data Protection Regulation (OG 42/2018).

1.3 This Personal Data Protection Policy applies only to the website, not to the websites that are linked and visible through our website.

1.4 By accepting this Privacy Policy by clicking upon registration and / or ordering you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the processing of personal information as set forth by this Policy.

2. Security

2.1 For the purpose of protecting your personal data, we have undertaken the appropriate technical and organizational measures that we continually uphold and which protect your personal information against loss, abuse or unauthorized access.

However, we can not guarantee full protection when transferring personal information to or from our website, so it is extremely important that you too worry about your computer's security and securely store your personal information and / or passwords and their confidentiality.

3. Collecting and processing personal data

3.1 We use Internet “cookies”, technologies to track visits to our websites. The purpose of these technologies is to help us analyze web traffic as well as to enable our web pages to function in accordance with their stated purpose.
What is a cookie? A cookie is a very small computer file in text form. It is used to transmit information to the website user's browser application and stored on the user's hard disk drive or other file storage. Cookies generally include the name of the website where it originated, its own (i.e. the cookie's) expiry date and a numerical value which is often randomly generated for data processing purposes.
Each visitor of our internet page will receive a cookie. Cookies may be used for the following purposes:
To uniquely identify you as a visitor by issuing a number to be reused when you visit our website again (and not in any other circumstances.) This helps us tailor our content to your interests, and also to apply the so-called “frequency capping” technique to advertisements, i.e. to prevent your excessive exposure to our marketing materials;
To enable us to gather anonymous, aggregate statistics in order to better understand the interaction of visitors with our website and ways to improve its structure. Neither this nor any other technology we use enables us to identify you as a natural person.
All information gathered via cookies is fully anonymous and contains no references to personally identifiable information such as names, ID numbers or e-mail addresses. Information which may combined in order to identify you is stored separately and with full application of all reasonable measures in order to limit access and processing. Our cookies cannot be used to infect your device with viruses or other malware. By using or utilizing any of our Internet pages, you consent to the use of cookies.
Cookie Duration. Cookies are stored on your device for a fixed, predetermined period. So-called 'session cookies' are saved into your device's temporary memory storage for the duration of your visit. They are automatically deleted when you leave a website. Facebook and YouTube cookies. Information regarding Facebook and YouTube cookies and the various options at your disposal can be found at the Internet address . Enabling and disabling cookies. Your browser application's cookie settings enable you to accept or reject any cookies you wish. However, rejecting or disabling cookies may mean that some interactive functionality on our website will no longer be available.

3.2 We process personal information that you independently enter on our website. Data is collected by using the site registration and through available web forms for receiving notifications or contacting our employees. Personal data processing is necessary to provide our services via webmail and billing.
All personal information is collected on the basis of the regulations on personal data protection and general business conditions.

3.3 Data we process

3.3.1 For the purpose of ordering and issuing the account we process the following:

  • e-mail address
  • name, surname
  • phone number (mobile number)
Legal basis: contractual obligation
Storage period: 6 years, unless the mandatory legal standard determines longer storage time or there is legitimate interest in longer storage.

3.3.2 For the purposes of informing about our products, discounts and actions, and enhancements to our services, your e-mail address, which you specified when registering and / or driving orders, is processed, but only if you have confirmed that you want to receive our newsletters. You can withdraw your consent at any time by using the checkout option at the bottom of our newsletter.
Legal basis: consent
Storage period: until the receiver withdraws.

3.3.3 For the purpose of fulfilling the contact form - contact us - when submitting the contact form we process data from the contact field:

  • e-mail address
  • name, surname
  • phone number (mobile number)
Legal basis: Legitimate interest
Storage period: 1 year, except in the case of the enforcement or defense of legal requirements.

3.3.4 For the purposes of fulfilling the request for the exercise of your rights, the following data are processed:

  • e-mail address
  • name, surname
  • residence
  • telephone number (mobile or fixed number)
Legal basis: Legitimate interest
Storage period: 6 years, unless the legal requirements are met or defended.

3.3.5 For the purpose of fulfilling the transport and mediation services of the driver:

  • name, surname, date of birth
  • residence
  • State
  • telephone number (mobile or fixed number)
  • password
  • e-mail address
  • for the purposes of the security clearance of a copy of the ID card, driver's license and driving license, driver's photographs, vehicle and work license, employer's data, criminal records (if permitted by law)
Legal basis: contractual obligation / legitimate interest
Storage period: 6 years, unless the legal requirements are met or defended.

3.4 Partners - processors
We do not process your personal data alone, but we use the help of professional partners - processors - who process your personal information by our explicit instructions and orders for the purpose of providing our services and billing.
Our processing executives are carefully selected, and the appropriate technical and organizational measures ensure that processing of your personal data is carried out in accordance with the provisions on data protection, with strict respect of your rights.
Processing Executives are not allowed to use personal data that they use for their own or other promotional purposes or to disclose them to third parties.
We will also not pass your personal information to third parties - such as directory publishers and direct marketing agents.

4. Entering and transferring personal data

4.1 At the time of payment on our website, as a condition of payment of products and services, credit or debit cards require the activation of the payment process via the Croatian Telekom d.d. credit card or debit card payment service providers, our contractual partner, and the Personal Data Processing Agent. To this end, personal data (name, surname, street and number, postal code, place, card data) are temporarily stored at the Croatian Telekom dd company, which stores this data in accordance with the highest level of protection and retention of confidential data. Activate booking process and billing with confirmation (click) on the "pay" link.

4.2 We do not have at any time, nor collect or process any personal data entered for the purpose of booking and billing of the card, therefore any information on processing personal data by Croatian Telecom d.d. on the website where the payment process takes place. Personal data stored at Croatian Telecom d.d. will be deleted immediately after the booking and billing process has been completed. Croatian Telecom d.d. in no case stores the security code (CVV) of credit or debit cards.

5.Basics of processing

GDPR requires that companies that process personal data from users in the EU do so on the basis of certain legal bases. As described below, we process customer data in the EU based on at least one of the bases listed in GDPR:

5.1 Processing is necessary to provide the services and features you require. We need to collect and process certain personal information to provide their services. That includes:

  • The account information required to set up and maintain your account, including your identity verification, to enable communication with you on your travels, orders, and accounts, and to enable payments.
  • Security checks required to enable drivers to provide transport services
  • Driver's Location Information Required to Connect Drivers to Clients and Tracking Pending and Proposed Navigation
  • Transaction data required for generating and maintaining your use of our services
  • Usage data needed to maintain, optimize, and improve our services.

5.2 Processing is necessary to protect the interests of our users or other persons
We may process personal information, including disclosure of information to competent authorities in the event of threats to the security of Clients or other persons.

5.3 Processing is necessary for the needs of our legitimate interests We handle personal information to the extent necessary for our legitimate interests. This includes collecting and using data for:

  • Maintaining and improving Client's safety and protection.
  • For example, we collect security check data (if allowed by law) to prevent unreliable users from providing services through our platform. We also use personal information to help Client's whose behavior is inappropriate or dangerous to disable the use of our services, such as retaining excluded Client's data to prevent the reuse of our services. We also use usage information to prevent Client's and drivers who are at increased risk of conflicts (for example, because other Client's have already complained to them earlier).
  • Preventing, detecting and combating fraud related to the use of our services.
    For example, we use account information, location, device, and usage to identify and prevent circumstances where Client's try to deceive us or other users.
  • Notifying officers of the competent authorities in connection with criminal offenses or threats to public security.
  • providing customer support
  • optimizing our service and developing new services. This includes, for example, determining the best download / disbursement locations, improving pricing, and connecting Client's and drivers.
  • research and analytical purposes. This includes, for example, analysis of usage trends to improve Client experience and increase the security and security of our services.
  • direct marketing purposes. This includes, for example, data analysis to identify trends and adjust marketing messages according to Client's needs.
  • Implement of our Terms of Service.

5.4 Processing is necessary for legitimate interests of other persons or parties We process personal information to the extent necessary for the interests of other persons or the general public. This includes sharing information about legal claims or claims from insurance, for the protection of the rights and safety of others.

5.5 Processing is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations
We must respect the legal requirements in the jurisdiction in which we operate and which require us to collect, process, disclose, and retain personal information. For example, we must respect the laws and regulations in many cities and countries that require you to collect and retain your driving information, to keep such data for longer periods, and to provide copies of this information to governmental or other competent bodies.
We can also share data with the competent authorities or hand it over to third parties in legal proceedings.

5.6 Consent
We can process your information based on your consent. You can cancel your consent at any time. If you revoke your Consent, you will not be able to use any service or feature that requires the collection or use of the data that we have collected or used based on the Consent.

The consent is necessary to collect or use the data needed to improve the Client's experience, provide additional services or features, or to communicate with you.

Data about you can be collected through voluntary surveys. Your responses to such surveys are collected on the basis of a consent and will be deleted when they no longer need the purpose for which they are collected.

6. Rights you are entitled to

6.1 Explanation and copy of your data
You have the right to ask for an explanation on how exactly your data is processed and the way we handle them. You also have the right to obtain a copy of the data we process about you if they are collected on the grounds of the consent or because we are required to provide the services you require.

6.2 Correction
If you feel any of the information we possess about you is not correct, you have the right to request their correction.

6.3 Delete
Client's can request to delete their accounts at any time. Client's can request deletion through a form a claim to exercise rights.
Certain information about you can be kept in accordance with the law and legitimate business purposes permitted by the law.

6.4 Objections and Complaints
EU Client's have the right to file objections to personal data processing, including processing for marketing purposes based on profiling and / or automated decision making. EU Client's also have the right to file a complaint regarding our handling of your personal data with the Personal Data Protection Agency (AZOP), Martićeva 14, 10000 Zagreb.

6.5 We will provide you with information on the actions taken no later than within one month of receipt of your application.
If the processing of the request is complicated or if there is a large number of requests, this deadline may be extended to another two months, but we will inform you in this case of the reasons for any extension of the deadline.
Also, if we are unable to act on your request, we will notify you about our decision, with specific reasons for it, and the possibility of submitting a complaint or appeal to the Personal Data Protection Agency.
In case the claims are manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular because of their frequent repetition, we may charge a reasonable fee on the basis of administrative costs or refuse to act upon the request.

Download: a form of claim to exercise rights

7. Terms and Conditions

We hold the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy to transfer new information about how we protect your personal information on our websites.

For realization of your rights and any additional questions please contact us:

Contact details of the processing manager:
EDT EUROPE Limited liability company for trade and services
Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385953603508