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High quality hoto of Bolgheri - Italy

First thing visitors are amazed with when driving to Bolgheri is the 5 kilometer long cypress boulevard, the famous Viale dei Cipressi (Cypress Avenue). This is a scenic avenue, bordered by majestic and ancient cypresses which end in front of the castle of Bolgheri. Yes, as tiny as this village might be, it still has an elegant castle which also serves as the gate to Bolgheri. Bolgheri is not a place of museums or imposing tourist attractions, but its atmosphere is simply divine. Visitors are all stunned with this historic medieval village amidst olive groves and vineyards. Its cafes, shops, beautiful houses and small streets are like an open invitation to relax in simple joys of life. One of those joys is certainly having a glass of the world-famous Super Tuscan Sassicaia wine that originates from this area.

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