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About Museum of Alka in Sinj

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The Museum of Alka is dedicated to more than 300 years old tradition and one of Croatia’s most renowned pieces of heritage. The museum’s purpose is to preserve and educate new generations about the Alka identity. The exhibition is very rich and genuine, with the traditional regalia and original artifacts and all explanations in English and Croatian. Alka is a religious procession and an equestrian competition held every year in remembrance of the brave Christian knights, merely 700 of them, who defended the town from 60,000 Ottoman soldiers on August 14th in 1715. It was believed that the knights were victorious due to the help of Lady of Sinj and thus on August 15th every year a procession of horsemen and equestrian competition are held throughout the town in her honor. The equestrian competition is quite unique as horsemen ride at full gallop and try to get their lances through a hanging metal ring.

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