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High quality hoto of Todi - Italy

The town of Todi belongs to the best Umbria’s attractions. It is perched on a 400 meters hill that overlooks the River Tibet. Todi is surrounded by 3 sets of walls – Etruscan, Roman and “new” Medieval walls, all three proving the rich town’s history. Legend says that Todi was built by Hercules, but archeological excavations confirm that Umbri people established their residence here in about the 8th century BC. The heart of this town is Piazza del Popolo and almost all Todi's main medieval monuments – the appealing cathedral Il Duomo, the Palazzo del Capitano, the Palazzo del Priore and the Palazzo del Popolo — front on this main square. Todi is also very famous for the cookery and healthy local food so Buon appetito!

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